Hello world!

This phrase was created by Brian Kernighan the author of the most widely read programming books titled “A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Language B”. It is also traditionally used in a sanity test to make sure that a computer language is correctly installed, and that the operator understands how to use it.

Now that we know at least one of the criteria’s have been met (computer language being correctly installed) let’s look at the second criteria and make sure the operator starts to understand how to use it.

This “operator understanding” is the primary goal in my creating this blog for myself and others. I want to share my journey as I too learn and continue to learn ways of using the systems and training I am implementing to Makin Cheddar in my new Online business. 

The Journey Begins


Since I made the decision to join the Affiliate Marketing Arena, I have always been afraid of the moment in time where I knew I was going to have to come out from behind the curtain and make myself known. Even though “Hello World” is the generic title on all websites, it just seemed to ring a bell for me.

This idea of being known always made me very uncomfortable. I tend to be a private individual, but as I learned in my foundational training people slash prospective customers need to know, like and trust me in order to take any helpful recommendations I might have to offer seriously. So if I don’t step out and make myself known by trying to help others how can I expect to create the “Makin Cheddar” vision this whole website is based on? 

That being said what you can expect from me as a follower of my blog is that I will commit to you the following: 

  • I will post to my blog at least once a week informing you my followers’ events from my prior week’s endeavors.
  • I will respond to any remarks or questions you enter into the comments section as quickly and as helpfully as I can. 
  • I will offer you Tips and Tricks as I learn them, especially if you too are building an online presence.
  • I will always be honest and open when writing my blog or responding to your comments.
  • I will not only tell you of any successes I make, but also the failures I create.

All I ask from you in return is that you leave comments that can help and inspire others as well as share your journeys as we strive to grow our online businesses “Makin Cheddar”.


How do we get started?


If you find yourself reading my blog you must have gotten here because you are searching for :

  • relevant information about Affiliate Marketing
  • You are an Affiliate Marketer and haven’t gotten the results you had hoped for and are looking for ways others have been succeeding.
  • Your lost or confused feeling overwhelmed and are looking for ways to get unstuck.
  • You’ve never heard of Affiliate marketing and are looking for a side hustle to make extra income online with.
  • Or you may have just found this post to be interesting enough to read.

No matter what the reason is that you find yourself here, you will find that Affiliate Marketing is a large part of the marketing world. It is very profitable for brands of all kinds, even big brands in that they spend no money advertising unless you as the advertiser are successful in creating results for their brands. One of the top reasons most beginners fail is because they don’t stick with it by getting past the pitfalls. They think that since the classes said that you can earn 10k in a weekend and they didn’t it must not be for them, or they just don’t fit in.  

When I first started my online business I thought that I was already ahead of most people, due to the fact that I was already running a successful manufacturing business for 30 years now. I knew that you still needed do some kind of work to make it all happen. I knew deep down that the hype about making 10k in a weekend was just sales hype, but I hoped that maybe just maybe they were right and I had been missing something they knew and I didn’t. 

After signing up for several different programs over the years I found out that the only ones “Makin Cheddar” were the guys taking my credit card. I had to step back for a bit and reevaluate this whole Affiliate Marketing thing. I began to research more of the programs out there and the more I did the more I found others like me that were actually “Makin Cheddar” online. How could this be? What were they doing that I wasn’t doing? What was making the difference?

That’s when I spent my first money after my prior experiences, I paid for the shipping of a free book from a guy named Dean Holland. After giving this book a read, things all started to click. This guy was nothing like the other guys making pitches online, he was open and honest. He spoke a little funny, but that’s because he’s from the UK (You’ll enjoy that over time). He didn’t push to get you to buy anything, so I then wondered if he even knew that I got the book. Anyway I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I received an email from his company “Internet Profits”, (what a great name!) and I signed up for a beginners course which was suggested in the email. This is how I got started with my Affiliate Marketing journey.

In my up-and-coming posts we will talk about the foundations we need to have to get started in this journey and how we can take the steps to lay the groundwork for “Makin Cheddar”.

Please feel free to leave your comments below as well as any questions or concerns you may have. Until next time!


18 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Ken,

    Great Job in getting your first blog post out there. I know it can be scary putting yourself out there. But just think you have overcome that fear and go your first post up.

    I am proud of you for pushing through and look forward to reading how your journey is going.
    YOU GO THIS my friend!

  2. I can relate to the feeling of making yourself known. I am an introvert myself and the thought of having to show myself to the World makes me feel uncomfortable as well.

    Anyway, congrats for getting started. Hope you will have a breakthrough in 2024.

  3. Hi Ken
    Well done for your first blog. I too have tried a few other affiliate marketing programs but was not able to turn them into anything viable.
    Gave it up a few years back during the pandemic.
    Actually quite excited to jump in again but want to make sure I am persistent and consistent than last time.

    1. Neal,
      Persistent and Consistent are words to live by with building your business for sure! Now that I stated that I will do my posts at least weekly I feel very conscious about not letting my audience or myself down.

  4. I can relate to that hesitancy to put myself out there so people can see me. One of my mentors told me, “If you want an online presence, you have to be present.” Oomph! That is true.

    Congratulations on stepping into the spotlight!

    It does get easier the more you post.
    Looking forward to your next one!

    1. Nakina, Great quote how true it is! There are so many things now that I am recognizing are great topics, just need to start an outline to keep everything moving in an organized manner.

  5. Ken, Great into to a new Journey “Hello World” Most of us have seen this and accepted it as common words when it comes to computers and their language. A deeper meaning of “Here I am!” is a promising statement! Ready to face the world, Literally… AWESOME!

    1. Thanks David, I really struggled with trying to come up with my first post and while I was staring at the screen it hit me like a brick. So off to the races we go!

  6. I’m glad to not have skipped this Hello World post. I like your writing style and all that you have to say.

    I have never been aware of that most widely read programming book about the intro to the Programming B language – and most likely because I started with the C language after conquering the most BASIC of languages lol.

    You lay eveything out quite well on how we get started as we all have come to reading your blog for various reasons.

    While your blog and domain is about Makin Cheddar, quite some time ago I found myself between jobs and reading, “Who Moved My Cheese?”. It’s a a cute little book with a story about adjusting attitudes toward change in life, especially at work.

    Anyways, I think your writing style will get your readers intrigued and they will want more.

    1. Robert Thanks for reading and commenting. I also spent a lot of my prior years working in IT as a network designer. I suppose that’s why these type of things make sense to those of us.

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